FamilyPolicy.Ru Advocacy Group launched in Russia

The FamilyPolicy.Ru Advocacy Group was founded in Russia by the Representative of the WCF, the Foundation for Family and Demography and the IPO “For Family Rights”.

World Congress of Families (largest international network of the pro-family NGOs from 80 countries), Family & Demography Foundation (organizer of the “Moscow Demographic Summit: Family and the Future of Humankind” in June 2011) and Interregional Public Organization “For Family Rights” (initiator of the St.Petersburg Resolution on the Anti-Family Trends at the U.N., that was signed by 126 NGOs of Russia and Ukraine) hereby announce the launch of the FamilyPolicy.Ru Advocacy Group. Our aims are to strengthen the institution of the natural family (based on the lifelong marriage between a man and a woman) in Russia/CIS, at the U.N. and internationally, to promote family values ​​in the scientific and expert communities, in the mass media, in the laws and regulations, and to help the State in implementing consistent and effective family policies to address the current demographic crisis.

Family is the key to solving all major problems of modern humankind. The moral norms and lifestyles of the future generations are formed in the families. Our tomorrow is being shaped today in the family. Social science data strongly suggests that any disruption of the natural family life (civil cohabitation, single parent families, same-sex unions, etc.) negatively affect both children and adults, lead to increased likelihood of suicide and depression, alcoholism and drug addiction, severely damages physical and mental health.

The family institution in Russia is in deep crisis today:

  • About a third of all children are born out of wedlock, with more than half of marriages falling apart;
  • More than two million children are “civil orphans” living away from home, although their parents are alive;
  • Russia holds first place in the world in terms of abortion rates; for every 3 newborn children, there are 2 abortions made; over 1.2 million abortions p.a. (officially), with population declining 240 thousand people p.a.;
  • Deep demographic crisis threatens the security and long-term viability of the state, that is acknowledged by the leadership of the Russian Federation. Constitution and laws of Russia guarantee the protection of the family, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood.

Despite all this, the natural family values are under a fierce attack today by the mass media, TV, movies, internet, and even by certain scientists and some legislators in the State Duma. Sexual perversion and promiscuity, egoism, hedonism and selfishness are being heavily promoted nowadays in the guise of “human rights”. This “progressive” foreign experience, which had already led to negative consequences in the West, has been actively promoted during the last two decades in Russia. All CIS countries are under strong pressure from influential international organizations like UN, EU, UNICEF, WHO and others, who very often act ultra vires and illegally impose their liberal agendas on sovereign states.

We are convinced that now is the time to create an effective mechanism of protection of the natural family on the level of the Russian and international law, to build highly efficient network of the pan-Russian grassroots socially conservative activists, that would be able to consistently exert real influence on the family policy in Russia, at the U.N. and internationally. Advocacy Group “FamilyPolicy.Ru” has a priority objective of timely informing the key decision makers and opinion leaders in the area of the family policy in Russia: the State Duma and the Federation Council members (lower and upper chambers of the Russian Parliament), the Public Chamber of the RF (public policy council), Administration of the President, the Government of the Russian Federation, representatives of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of power, both in the capital and in the regions and municipalities, as well as mass media, leaders of scientific and expert community, NGOs and

the entire civil society. Our relevant, accurate, objective and scientifically sound reports and analytics are designed to help authorities, stakeholders and civil society to make informed decisions, that are friendly to the natural family and to the general public.

We are planning to undertake the following activities in 2012-2014:

  • Press conference in Moscow on May 21, 2012 on the launch of the “FamilyPolicy.Ru” Advocacy Group,
  • Presentations of Dr. Ted Baehr from Hollywood, USA – Chairman of the MOVIEGUIDE® Family guide to movies and entertainment – at the leading Moscow Universities on May 22-23, 2012,
  • Announce the launch of “FamilyPolicy.Ru” at the World Congress of Families VI in Madrid, Spain, May 25-27, 2012 (2000 people from all continents),
  • Participation in the Parliamentary and Youth Forums in Madrid, Spain in May 2012,
  • Special parallel events at the U.N. headquarters in New York in the summer and fall of 2012,
  • Organization of the Pan-Russian Conference “Large Families – Solution to the Demographic Crisis” in late 2012- early 2013 with the participation of the regional representatives and international experts,
  • Participation in the work of the U.N. Committees, affecting family policy in New York, Geneva, etc.,
  • Organization of the International Conference on Home Education in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2012,
  • Participation in the World Congress of Families VII in Sydney, Australia in the fall of 2013,
  • Organization of the World Congress of Families VIII in the Moscow Kremlin for 5000 people from 60 countries.

We hope for your support of our efforts to strengthen the natural family in Russia, at the U.N. and internationally.


Alexey Komov, MBA

Pavel Parfentiev,
Managing Director

Used image:
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License by  yeowatzup


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