About the Project

We are convinced that now is the time to create an effective mechanism for protection of the natural family on the level of the Russian and international law, to build highly efficient network of pan-Russian grassroots pro-family activists, that would be able to consistently exert real influence on the family policy in Russia, at the U.N. and internationally.

Advocacy Group “FamilyPolicy.Ru” has a priority objective of timely informing the key decision makers and opinion leaders in the area of the family policy in Russia: the State Duma and the Federation Council members (lower and upper chambers of the Russian Parliament), the Public Chamber (public policy council), Administration of the President, the Government of the Russian Federation, representatives of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of power, both in the capital and in the regions and municipalities, as well as mass media, leaders of scientific and expert community, NGOs and the entire civil society. Our relevant, accurate, objective and scientifically sound reports and analytics are designed to help authorities, stakeholders and civil society to make informed decisions, that are friendly to the natural family and to the general public.