CEO Pavel Parfentiev Appointed World Congress of Families Ambassador to the European Institutions

thumb (1)World Congress of Families has appointed Pavel Parventiev its ambassador to European Institutions. Parventiev is Managing Director of the Advocacy Group and the Chairman of the “For Family Rights.”

The World Congress of Families is the most representative international network of the supporters of the natural family, traditional moral values and right to life, uniting NGOs from over 80 countries. WCF sponsors international Congresses and regional events.

There have been six World Congresses to date: WCR I (Prague, 1997), WCF II (Geneva, 1999), WCF III (Mexico City, 2004), WCF IV (Warsaw, 2007), WCF V (Amsterdam, 2009) and WCF VI (Madrid, 2012.). World Congress of families VII will be help in Sydney, Australia, May 15-18, 2013. World Congress of families VIII is tentatively scheduled for Moscow, September 10-12, 2014. These international gatherings generally draw over 3,000 delegates from six continents, including policy makers, leaders, authors, researchers, social scientists and activists.

“Since its beginnings,” Parfentiev comments, “World Congress of Families has promoted at the international level the timeless values of the family, based on the marriage of a man and a woman (which are directed to the birth and upbringing of children), the fundamental rights of the parents, and the right of each human being to life from conception to natural death. All these values, which are recognized as international human rights norms, are often being diminished and threatened today. The protection and strengthening of the family is a task that should unite all the healthy social forces and international institutions.”

The principles set forth in every WCF Declaration from Prague to Madrid make the case for the centrality of family, marriage, procreation and parental rights — including the fundamental right of the parents to direct the education of their children and to impart parental values, without undue interference from the state.

“Those are values and principles that have been always defended in Russia by our For Family Rights NGO, and they are shared by the most Russians. The World Congress of Families has been protecting them at the international level for many years. We share their views and values. Without particular steps directed to defend the family at the UN and Council of Europe-level, and in the other intergovernmental structures, it’s impossible to defend the interests of the family in Russia today,” Parfentiev says.

Three WCF Regional Events have taken place in Russia recently. In 2011, The Moscow Demographic Summit “Family and the Future of Humankind” took place at the RussianStateSocialUniversity. In 2012, the International Ulyanovsk Demographic Summit “Enhancing the Regional Dimension of Family Policy” was held with the support of the government of Ulyanovsk Region. The IV Safe Internet Forum, which took place in Moscow on February 7th, was also a WCF Regional Event.

“We’re convinced that Russia does and should play a very significant role in defense of the family and moral values worldwide,” says WCF Managing Director Larry Jacobs. “Russia has become a leader of promoting these values in the international arena. We’re proud to announce Pavel’s appointment as a WCF Ambassador working with European Institutions such as the Council of Europe, European Union, OSCE and CIS.”

Pavel Parfentiev is the independent expert in the family law and family policy. He also acts as the WCF Advisor on the International Human Rights Law and the WCF Advisor on the Russian Constitutional, Civil and Family Law. The President of the Group, Alexey Komov, acts as the WCF Representative in Russia/CIS and the WCF Ambassador to the UN.

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