UNCRC Committee Acts Beyond its Mandate – Analytical Report

We’re publishing online the Analytical Report prepared by the FamilyPolicy.ru Advocacy Group, presenting in-depth study of the violations of the international norms by the UNCRC monitoring Committee.The Russian verstion of the report named “Ultra Vires Acts by the Committee on the Rights of the Child and the New Optional Protocol to UNCRC” was already presented at the International Congress Russian Family IX. The English version was presented at the World Congress of Families VI in Madrid. The report has drown attention both from the experts and from the representative of the civil society.

The Russian version of the report can be found here.

Read online the Executive Summary of the Report

Download the 2 pages Executive Summary of the Report (pdf)

Download the complete text of the Report (without the Appendix, pdf)

Download the Appendix to the Report (pdf)

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